• List Items
  • List Items


    Parent class of various list item classes that can have an icon and a progression symbol


    List item that shows a piece of text


    To break up list items into groups


    A list item with no contents


    An expandable list item with no contents. The Expandable class can be used for generic list items containing other components such as buttons. It subclasses Empty and thus brings all that functionality, but additionally provides means to expand and collapse the item


    A column to be used together with the Expandable item. This lays out its content just like a regular Column inside a Flickable but when used together with items of type Expandable it provides additional features like automatically positioning the expanding item when it expands and collapsing it again when the user taps outside of it


    ListItem displaying either a single selected value or expanded multiple choice with an optional image and subtext when not expanded, when expanding it opens a listing of all the possible values for selection with an additional option of always being expanded. If multiple choice is selected the list is expanded automatically


    List item displaying multiple values


    A list item containing a single control


    A list item displaying a single value


    Standard list item class. It shows a basic list item with a label (text), and optionally an icon, a progression arrow, and it can have an embedded Item (control) that can be used for including Buttons, Switches etc. inside the list item


    List item displaying a second string under the main label


    Narrow line used as a divider between ListItems


    List item displaying single selected value when not expanded, where expanding it opens a listing of all the possible values for selection