ActivityIndicator QML Type

The ActivityIndicator component visually indicates that a task of unknown duration is in progress, e.g. busy indication, connection in progress indication, etc. More...

Import Statement: import Lomiri.Components 1.3


Detailed Description

Note: for time consuming JavaScript operations use WorkerScript, otherwise no UI interaction will be possible and the ActicityIndicator animation will freeze.


Item {
    ActivityIndicator {
        id: activity

    Button {
        id: toggleActive
        text: (activity.running) ? "Deactivate" : "Activate"
        onClicked: activity.running = !activity.running

Property Documentation

running : bool

Presents whether there is activity to be visualized or not. The default value is false. When activated (set to true), an animation is shown indicating an ongoing activity, which continues until deactivated (set to false).