Standard QML Type

The standard list item class. It shows a basic list item with a label (text), and optionally an icon, a progression arrow, and it can have an embedded Item (control) that can be used for including Buttons, Switches etc. inside the list item. More...

Import Statement: import Lomiri.Components.ListItems 1.3



Detailed Description

Note: The component is deprecated. Use ListItem component instead.

See also the Design Guidelines on List Items.


import Lomiri.Components 1.3
import Lomiri.Components.ListItems 1.3 as ListItem
Column {
    ListItem.Standard {
        text: "Selectable standard list item"
        selected: false
        onClicked: selected = !selected
    ListItem.Standard {
        text: "List item with icon"
        iconName: "compose"
    ListItem.Standard {
        text: "With a progression arrow"
        progression: true
    ListItem.Standard {
        text: "Control"
        control: Button {
            text: "Click me"
            onClicked: print("Clicked")
        progression: true

Property Documentation

control : Item

An optional control that is displayed inside the list item. The width of the control must be specified in order to determine the layout of the list item.

fallbackIconName : string

The icon shown in the list item if iconName failed to load (optional).

If both fallbackIconSource and fallbackIconName are defined, fallbackIconName will be ignored.

Note: The complete list of icons available in Lomiri is not published yet. For now please refer to the folders where the icon themes are installed:

These 2 separate icon themes will be merged soon.

fallbackIconSource : url

The location of the icon to show in the list item if iconSource failed to load (optional).

iconFrame : bool

Show or hide the frame around the icon

progression : bool

Show or hide the progression symbol.