DefaultSheet QML Type

The Default Sheet allows an application to insert a content view over the focused view without disrupting the navigation pattern (tabs state or drill-down path are maintained. When the sheet is dismissed the user continues the journey from the point (s)he left it). The Default Sheet can be closed using either a "close" button (top left) or a "done" button (top right). The sheet cannot be dismissed any other way. Use the doneButton property to configure whether the "close" or the "done" button is used. More...

Import Statement: import Lomiri.Components.Popups 1.3




Detailed Description


import Lomiri.Components 1.3
import Lomiri.Components.Popups 1.3

Item {
    Component {
        id: defaultSheet
        DefaultSheet {
            id: sheet
            title: "Default sheet with done button"
            doneButton: true
            Label {
                anchors.fill: parent
                text: "A default sheet with a done button."
                wrapMode: Text.WordWrap
            onDoneClicked: PopupUtils.close(sheet)
    Button {
        anchors.centerIn: parent
        text: "default"

Sheets are deprecated. Consider using Dialog, Popover or PageStack instead.

Property Documentation

doneButton : bool

If set, a "done" button is visible in the top right of the sheet's header, if unset a "cancel" button is available in the top left of the sheet's header.

Signal Documentation


This handler is called when the close button is clicked.


This handler is called when the done button is clicked.