SheetBase QML Type

Parent class of different types of sheets. Not to be used directly. More...

Import Statement: import Lomiri.Components.Popups 1.3


Inherited By:

ComposerSheet and DefaultSheet


Detailed Description

Examples: See subclasses. Sheets are deprecated. Consider using Dialog, Popover or PageStack instead.

Property Documentation

[default] container : list<Object>

Content will be put inside the foreround of the sheet.

contentsHeight : real

Override the default height of the contents of the sheet. Total sheet height will be clamped between 40 grid units and the screen height.

contentsWidth : real

Override the default width of the contents of the sheet. Total sheet width will be clamped between 50 grid units and the screen width.

The property controls whether the sheet is modal or not. Modal sheets block event propagation to items under dismissArea, when non-modal ones let these events passed to these items.

The default value is true.

title : string

The text shown in the header of the sheet.