LomiriTestCase13 QML Type

The LomiriTestCase class expands the default TestCase class. More...

Import Statement: import Lomiri.Test 1.0




Detailed Description

This component is under heavy development.

This class extends the default QML TestCase class which is available in QtTest 1.0.

Property Documentation

testUtil : alias

This property holds the inner TestUtil instance.

Method Documentation

centerOf( = item)

Returns the center point of the item.

findChild( = obj, = objectName)

Find a child from the item based on the objectName.

findChildWithProperty( = item, = property, = value)

Finds a visible child of an item having a given property with a given value.

findInvisibleChild( = obj, = objectName)

Find a non-visual child such as QtObject based on objectName.

flick(item, x, y, dx, dy, pressTimeout = -1, steps = -1, button = Qt.LeftButton, modifiers = Qt.NoModifiers, delay = -1)

The function produces a flick event when executed on Flickables. When used on other components it provides the same functionality as mouseDrag() function. The optional pressTimeout parameter can be used to introduce a small delay between the mouse press and the first mouse move. Setting a negative or zero value will disable the timeout.

The default flick velocity is built up using 5 move points. This can be altered by setting a positive value to steps parameter. The bigger the number the longer the flick will be. When a negative or zero value is given, the default of 5 move points will be used.

Note: The function can be used to select a text in a TextField or TextArea by specifying at least 400 millisecods to pressTimeout.

mouseLongPress(item, x, y, button = Qt.LeftButton, modifiers = Qt.NoModifiers, delay = -1)

Simulates a long press on a mouse button with an optional modifier on an item. The position is defined by x and y. If delay is specified, the test will wait the specified amount of milliseconds before the press.

The position given by x and y is transformed from the co-ordinate system of item into window co-ordinates and then delivered. If item is obscured by another item, or a child of item occupies that position, then the event will be delivered to the other item instead.

mouseMoveSlowly( = item, = x, = y, = dx, = dy, = steps, = stepdelay, = buttons)

Move Mouse from x,y to distance of dx, dy divided to steps with a stepdelay (ms) and buttons.

tryCompareFunction( = func, = expectedResult, = timeout)

Keeps executing a given parameter-less function until it returns the given expected result or the timemout is reached (in which case a test failure is generated)

typeString( = string)

Convenience function to allow typing a full string instead of single characters

waitForHeaderAnimation( = mainView)

Wait for animations of the header and the style inside the header to finish. The MainView that has the header that may animate must be passed as an argument.

warningFormat( = line, = column, = message)

Warning message formatter, uses file name, line and column numbers to build up the message.