Morph Web module

This QML module exposes a WebView component that can be used to render web content in an application, as well as related components.

This is the preferred way of rendering web content in an Ubuntu application. The rendering is performed by QtWebEngine. The use of QtWebKit is deprecated and unsupported.

This is version 0.2 of the module.

Note that the module was previously named Ubuntu.Components.Extras.Browser, the old namespace has been kept around for backwards compatibility but its use is discouraged, please update your applications to import Morph.Web 0.2.

Also note that importing both com.canonical.Oxide (or QtWebKit) and Morph.Web in the same QML file results in an undefined behaviour, as both expose a WebView type.


A singleton that exposes a shared WebContext that can be used by several WebView instances in the same application


A default context implementation for use with WebView


A webview that can be used to render web content in an application