Relationship QML Type

The Relationship element describes a one-to-one relationship between a locally-stored contact and another (possibly remote) contact. More...

Import Statement: import QtContacts 5.0


Detailed Description

This element is part of the QtContacts module.

See also QContactRelationship and RelationshipModel.

Property Documentation

first : int

This property holds the locally-stored contact which has a relationship of the given type with the second contact.

second : int

This property holds the contact with which the first contact has a relationship of the given type.

type : string

This property holds the type of relationship which the source contact has with the destination contacts. The value for this property can be one of:

  • HasMember
  • Aggregates
  • IsSameAs
  • HasAssistant
  • HasManager
  • HasSpouse

or any other customized relationship type string.