Qt Location Items Overlay Plugin


This geo services plugin is a special plugin providing only an empty map. This plugin provides no services, and is intended to be used in those cases where a Map element should only show the added map items.

The Items Overlay geo services plugin can be loaded by using the plugin key "itemsoverlay".

Example usage

The following snippet shows how a Map using this plugin can be added as an overlay to display anti-aliased map items. Note that for such an overlay Map to be transparent, it is also necessary to set its color to a transparent one, such as transparent, like in the example.

  Window {
      id: win
      visible: true
      width: 640
      height: 640

      Map {
          id: mapBase
          gesture.enabled: true
          anchors.fill: parent
          plugin: Plugin { name: "osm" }
          center: QtPositioning.coordinate(45,10)
          zoomLevel: 4
          z: parent.z + 1

      Map {
          id: mapOverlay
          anchors.fill: parent
          plugin: Plugin { name: "itemsoverlay" }
          gesture.enabled: false
          center: mapBase.center
          color: 'transparent' // Necessary to make this map transparent
          minimumFieldOfView: mapBase.minimumFieldOfView
          maximumFieldOfView: mapBase.maximumFieldOfView
          minimumTilt: mapBase.minimumTilt
          maximumTilt: mapBase.maximumTilt
          minimumZoomLevel: mapBase.minimumZoomLevel
          maximumZoomLevel: mapBase.maximumZoomLevel
          zoomLevel: mapBase.zoomLevel
          tilt: mapBase.tilt;
          bearing: mapBase.bearing
          fieldOfView: mapBase.fieldOfView
          z: mapBase.z + 1

          MapCircle {
              id: circle
              center: QtPositioning.coordinate(44, 10)
              radius: 200000
              border.width: 5

              MouseArea {
                  anchors.fill: parent
                  drag.target: parent

          // The code below enables SSAA
          layer.enabled: true
          layer.smooth: true
          property int w : mapOverlay.width
          property int h : mapOverlay.height
          property int pr: Screen.devicePixelRatio
          layer.textureSize: Qt.size(w  * 2 * pr, h * 2 * pr)