Clipper Polygon Clipping Library, version 6.4.0

The Clipper library performs line & polygon clipping - intersection, union, difference & exclusive-or, and line & polygon offsetting.

Used in the QML plugin of Qt Location.

The sources can be found in qtlocation-opensource-src-29WtWo/qtlocation-opensource-src-5.12.8+dfsg/src/3rdparty/clipper.

Project Homepage, upstream version: 6.4.0

  Copyright Angus Johnson 2010-2015

Boost Software License 1.0.

  Use, modification & distribution is subject to Boost Software License Ver 1.

  The code in this library is an extension of Bala Vatti's clipping algorithm:
  "A generic solution to polygon clipping"
  Communications of the ACM, Vol 35, Issue 7 (July 1992) pp 56-63.

  Computer graphics and geometric modeling: implementation and algorithms
  By Max K. Agoston
  Springer; 1 edition (January 4, 2005)

  See also:
  "Polygon Offsetting by Computing Winding Numbers"
  Paper no. DETC2005-85513 pp. 565-575
  ASME 2005 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences
  and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE2005)
  September 24-28, 2005 , Long Beach, California, USA