QAbstractAudioOutput Class

The QAbstractAudioOutput class is a base class for audio backends. More...

Header: #include <QAbstractAudioOutput>
qmake: QT += multimedia
Inherits: QObject

Public Functions

virtual int bufferSize() const = 0
virtual int bytesFree() const = 0
virtual QString category() const
virtual qint64 elapsedUSecs() const = 0
virtual QAudio::Error error() const = 0
virtual QAudioFormat format() const = 0
virtual int notifyInterval() const = 0
virtual int periodSize() const = 0
virtual qint64 processedUSecs() const = 0
virtual void reset() = 0
virtual void resume() = 0
virtual void setBufferSize(int value) = 0
virtual void setCategory(const QString &)
virtual void setFormat(const QAudioFormat &fmt) = 0
virtual void setNotifyInterval(int ms) = 0
virtual void setVolume(qreal volume)
virtual void start(QIODevice *device) = 0
virtual QIODevice *start() = 0
virtual QAudio::State state() const = 0
virtual void stop() = 0
virtual void suspend() = 0
virtual qreal volume() const
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void errorChanged(QAudio::Error error)
void notify()
void stateChanged(QAudio::State state)

Static Public Members

const QMetaObject staticMetaObject
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Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QAbstractAudioOutput class is a base class for audio backends.

QAbstractAudioOutput implements audio functionality for QAudioOutput, i.e., QAudioOutput routes function calls to QAbstractAudioOutput. For a description of the functionality that is implemented, see the QAudioOutput class and function descriptions.

See also QAudioOutput.

Member Function Documentation

[pure virtual] int QAbstractAudioOutput::bufferSize() const

Returns the audio buffer size in bytes.

See also setBufferSize().

[pure virtual] int QAbstractAudioOutput::bytesFree() const

Returns the free space available in bytes in the audio buffer.

[virtual] QString QAbstractAudioOutput::category() const

See also setCategory().

[pure virtual] qint64 QAbstractAudioOutput::elapsedUSecs() const

Returns the milliseconds since start() was called, including time in Idle and suspend states.

[pure virtual] QAudio::Error QAbstractAudioOutput::error() const

Returns the error state.

[signal] void QAbstractAudioOutput::errorChanged(QAudio::Error error)

This signal is emitted when the error state has changed.

[pure virtual] QAudioFormat QAbstractAudioOutput::format() const

Returns the QAudioFormat being used.

See also setFormat().

[signal] void QAbstractAudioOutput::notify()

This signal is emitted when x ms of audio data has been processed the interval set by setNotifyInterval(x).

[pure virtual] int QAbstractAudioOutput::notifyInterval() const

Returns the notify interval in milliseconds.

See also setNotifyInterval().

[pure virtual] int QAbstractAudioOutput::periodSize() const

Returns the period size in bytes.

[pure virtual] qint64 QAbstractAudioOutput::processedUSecs() const

Returns the amount of audio data processed since start() was called in milliseconds.

[pure virtual] void QAbstractAudioOutput::reset()

Drops all audio data in the buffers, resets buffers to zero.

[pure virtual] void QAbstractAudioOutput::resume()

Resumes processing audio data after a suspend()

[pure virtual] void QAbstractAudioOutput::setBufferSize(int value)

Sets the audio buffer size to value in bytes.

See also bufferSize().

[virtual] void QAbstractAudioOutput::setCategory(const QString &)

See also category().

[pure virtual] void QAbstractAudioOutput::setFormat(const QAudioFormat &fmt)

Set the QAudioFormat to use to fmt. Setting the format is only allowable while in QAudio::StoppedState.

See also format().

[pure virtual] void QAbstractAudioOutput::setNotifyInterval(int ms)

Sets the interval for notify() signal to be emitted. This is based on the ms of audio data processed not on actual real-time. The resolution of the timer is platform specific.

See also notifyInterval().

[virtual] void QAbstractAudioOutput::setVolume(qreal volume)

Sets the volume. Where volume is between 0.0 and 1.0.

See also volume().

[pure virtual] void QAbstractAudioOutput::start(QIODevice *device)

Uses the device as the QIODevice to transfer data.

[pure virtual] QIODevice *QAbstractAudioOutput::start()

Returns a pointer to the QIODevice being used to handle the data transfer. This QIODevice can be used to write() audio data directly.

[pure virtual] QAudio::State QAbstractAudioOutput::state() const

Returns the state of audio processing.

[signal] void QAbstractAudioOutput::stateChanged(QAudio::State state)

This signal is emitted when the device state has changed.

[pure virtual] void QAbstractAudioOutput::stop()

Stops the audio output.

[pure virtual] void QAbstractAudioOutput::suspend()

Stops processing audio data, preserving buffered audio data.

[virtual] qreal QAbstractAudioOutput::volume() const

Returns the volume in the range 0.0 and 1.0.

See also setVolume().