QAudioRecorder Class

The QAudioRecorder class is used for the recording of audio. More...

Header: #include <QAudioRecorder>
qmake: QT += multimedia
Inherits: QMediaRecorder


Public Functions

QAudioRecorder(QObject *parent = nullptr)
virtual ~QAudioRecorder()
QString audioInput() const
QString audioInputDescription(const QString &name) const
QStringList audioInputs() const
QString defaultAudioInput() const

Public Slots

void setAudioInput(const QString &name)


void audioInputChanged(const QString &name)
void availableAudioInputsChanged()

Static Public Members

const QMetaObject staticMetaObject
  • 9 static public members inherited from QObject

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QAudioRecorder class is used for the recording of audio.

The QAudioRecorder class is a high level media recording class and contains the same functionality as QMediaRecorder.

  audioRecorder = new QAudioRecorder;

  QAudioEncoderSettings audioSettings;



In addition QAudioRecorder provides functionality for selecting the audio input.

  QStringList inputs = audioRecorder->audioInputs();
  QString selectedInput = audioRecorder->defaultAudioInput();

  foreach (QString input, inputs) {
      QString description = audioRecorder->audioInputDescription(input);
      // show descriptions to user and allow selection
      selectedInput = input;


The Audio Recorder Example shows how to use this class in more detail.

See also QMediaRecorder and QAudioInputSelectorControl.

Property Documentation

audioInput : QString

This property holds the active audio input name.

Access functions:

QString audioInput() const
void setAudioInput(const QString &name)

Notifier signal:

void audioInputChanged(const QString &name)

Member Function Documentation

QAudioRecorder::QAudioRecorder(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs an audio recorder. The parent is passed to QMediaObject.

[virtual] QAudioRecorder::~QAudioRecorder()

Destroys an audio recorder object.

QString QAudioRecorder::audioInput() const

Returns the active audio input name.

Note: Getter function for property audioInput.

See also setAudioInput().

[signal] void QAudioRecorder::audioInputChanged(const QString &name)

Signal emitted when active audio input changes to name.

Note: Notifier signal for property audioInput.

QString QAudioRecorder::audioInputDescription(const QString &name) const

Returns the readable translated description of the audio input device with name.

QStringList QAudioRecorder::audioInputs() const

Returns a list of available audio inputs

[signal] void QAudioRecorder::availableAudioInputsChanged()

Signal is emitted when the available audio inputs change.

QString QAudioRecorder::defaultAudioInput() const

Returns the default audio input name.

[slot] void QAudioRecorder::setAudioInput(const QString &name)

Set the active audio input to name.

Note: Setter function for property audioInput.

See also audioInput().