QMediaStreamsControl Class

The QMediaStreamsControl class provides a media stream selection control. More...

Header: #include <QMediaStreamsControl>
qmake: QT += multimedia
Inherits: QMediaControl

Public Types

enum StreamType { AudioStream, VideoStream, SubPictureStream, UnknownStream, DataStream }

Public Functions

virtual ~QMediaStreamsControl()
virtual bool isActive(int streamNumber) = 0
virtual QVariant metaData(int streamNumber, const QString &key) = 0
virtual void setActive(int streamNumber, bool state) = 0
virtual int streamCount() = 0
virtual QMediaStreamsControl::StreamType streamType(int streamNumber) = 0
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Static Public Members

const QMetaObject staticMetaObject
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Protected Functions

QMediaStreamsControl(QObject *parent = nullptr)
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Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QMediaStreamsControl class provides a media stream selection control.

The QMediaStreamsControl class provides descriptions of the available media streams and allows individual streams to be activated and deactivated.

The interface name of QMediaStreamsControl is org.qt-project.qt.mediastreamscontrol/5.0 as defined in QMediaStreamsControl_iid.

See also QMediaService::requestControl().

Member Type Documentation

enum QMediaStreamsControl::StreamType

Media stream type.

QMediaStreamsControl::AudioStream2Audio stream.
QMediaStreamsControl::VideoStream1Video stream.
QMediaStreamsControl::SubPictureStream3Subpicture or teletext stream.
QMediaStreamsControl::UnknownStream0The stream type is unknown.

Member Function Documentation

[protected] QMediaStreamsControl::QMediaStreamsControl(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a new media streams control with the given parent.

[virtual] QMediaStreamsControl::~QMediaStreamsControl()

Destroys a media streams control.

[signal] void QMediaStreamsControl::activeStreamsChanged()

The signal is emitted when the active streams list is changed.

[pure virtual] bool QMediaStreamsControl::isActive(int streamNumber)

Returns true if the media stream streamNumber is active.

[pure virtual] QVariant QMediaStreamsControl::metaData(int streamNumber, const QString &key)

Returns the meta-data value of key for the given streamNumber.

Useful metadata keys are QMediaMetaData::Title, QMediaMetaData::Description and QMediaMetaData::Language.

[pure virtual] void QMediaStreamsControl::setActive(int streamNumber, bool state)

Sets the active state of media stream streamNumber.

Setting the active state of a media stream to true will activate it. If any other stream of the same type was previously active it will be deactivated. Setting the active state fo a media stream to false will deactivate it.

See also isActive().

[pure virtual] int QMediaStreamsControl::streamCount()

Returns the number of media streams.

[pure virtual] QMediaStreamsControl::StreamType QMediaStreamsControl::streamType(int streamNumber)

Return the type of media stream streamNumber.

[signal] void QMediaStreamsControl::streamsChanged()

The signal is emitted when the available streams list is changed.

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Defines the interface name of the QMediaStreamsControl class.