Reminder QML Type

The Reminder element contains information about when and how the user wants to reminded of the item. More...

Import Statement: import QtOrganizer 5.0
Inherited By:

AudibleReminder, EmailReminder, and VisualReminder



Detailed Description

The following fields are supported:

  • Reminder.FieldRepetitionCount
  • Reminder.FieldRepetitionDelay
  • Reminder.FieldSecondsBeforeStart

See also QOrganizerItemReminder.

Property Documentation

reminderType : enumeration

This property holds the reminder type of this reminder for an organizer item. The value can be one of:

repetitionCount : int

This property holds the number of times the user should be reminded of the item.

repetitionDelay : int

This property holds the delay (in seconds) between each repetition of the reminder.

secondsBeforeStart : int

This property holds the number of seconds prior to the activation of the item at which the user wants to be reminded of the item.

Signal Documentation