FinalState QML Type

Provides a final state. More...

Import Statement: import QtQml.StateMachine 1.12
Since: Qt 5.4


Detailed Description

A final state is used to communicate that (part of) a StateMachine has finished its work. When a final top-level state is entered, the state machine's finished() signal is emitted. In general, when a final substate (a child of a State) is entered, the parent state's finished() signal is emitted. FinalState is part of The Declarative State Machine Framework.

To use a final state, you create a FinalState object and add a transition to it from another state.

Example Usage

  import QtQuick 2.0
  import QtQml.StateMachine 1.0 as DSM

  Rectangle {
      DSM.StateMachine {
          id: stateMachine
          initialState: state
          running: true
          DSM.State {
              id: state
              DSM.TimeoutTransition {
                  targetState: finalState
                  timeout: 200
          DSM.FinalState {
              id: finalState
          onFinished: console.log("state finished")

See also StateMachine and State.