Path QML Type

Defines a path for use by PathView and Shape. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick 2.12
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Detailed Description

A Path is composed of one or more path segments - PathLine, PathQuad, PathCubic, PathArc, PathAngleArc, PathCurve, PathSvg.

The spacing of the items along the Path can be adjusted via a PathPercent object.

PathAttribute allows named attributes with values to be defined along the path.

Path and the other types for specifying path elements are shared between PathView and Shape. The following table provides an overview of the applicability of the various path elements:

ElementPathViewShapeShape, GL_NV_path_renderingShape, software

Note: Path is a non-visual type; it does not display anything on its own. To draw a path, use Shape.

See also PathView, Shape, PathAttribute, PathPercent, PathLine, PathMove, PathQuad, PathCubic, PathArc, PathAngleArc, PathCurve, and PathSvg.

Property Documentation

closed : bool

This property holds whether the start and end of the path are identical.

[default] pathElements : list<PathElement>

This property holds the objects composing the path.

A path can contain the following path objects:

  • PathLine - a straight line to a given position.
  • PathQuad - a quadratic Bezier curve to a given position with a control point.
  • PathCubic - a cubic Bezier curve to a given position with two control points.
  • PathArc - an arc to a given position with a radius.
  • PathAngleArc - an arc specified by center point, radii, and angles.
  • PathSvg - a path specified as an SVG path data string.
  • PathCurve - a point on a Catmull-Rom curve.
  • PathAttribute - an attribute at a given position in the path.
  • PathPercent - a way to spread out items along various segments of the path.

      PathView {
          anchors.fill: parent
          model: ContactModel {}
          delegate: delegate
          path: Path {
              startX: 120; startY: 100
              PathAttribute { name: "iconScale"; value: 1.0 }
              PathAttribute { name: "iconOpacity"; value: 1.0 }
              PathQuad { x: 120; y: 25; controlX: 260; controlY: 75 }
              PathAttribute { name: "iconScale"; value: 0.3 }
              PathAttribute { name: "iconOpacity"; value: 0.5 }
              PathQuad { x: 120; y: 100; controlX: -20; controlY: 75 }

startX : real

These properties hold the starting position of the path.

startY : real

These properties hold the starting position of the path.