PathSvg QML Type

Defines a path using an SVG path data string. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick 2.12


Detailed Description

The following QML produces the path shown below:

  Path {
      startX: 50; startY: 50
      PathSvg { path: "L 150 50 L 100 150 z" }

Note: Mixing PathSvg with other type of elements is not always supported. For example, when Shape is backed by GL_NV_path_rendering, a ShapePath can contain one or more PathSvg elements, or one or more other type of elements, but not both.

See also Path, PathLine, PathQuad, PathCubic, PathArc, PathAngleArc, and PathCurve.

Property Documentation

path : string

The SVG path data string specifying the path.

See W3C SVG Path Data for more details on this format.