Qt Versit

Most of the time your contacts do not remain in isolation in a single device, but coexist on various mobile phones, computers, and servers. A standard way to exchange the contacts is through the Versit ® documents.

The Qt Versit API enables you to import calendar or contact information in VCard and iCalendar format to the Qt Organizer and Qt Contact API, and to store the information on the current platform. Alternatively, you can export organizer and contact information to VCal or iCalendar files which you can then import into other calendars and contact storages, or easily share through Bluetooth or email, for example.

The Qt Organizer module has information about supported iCalendar features.

Getting Started

To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the following directives. The generic Qt Versit is used in the contacts use case, and it is extended with Qt Organizer:

  #include <QtVersit>
  #include <QtVersitOrganizer>

To use the C++ library in your application, add the following configuration option to your .pro file:

  QT += versit versitorganizer